Basement AI

Basement AI is a private AI research lab and consulting company specializing in natural language processing, machine learning and search.

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We conduct research on natural language understanding and support both commercial and public sector organizations with their data, AI and natural language processing related initiatives. Our expertise and experience ranges from strategy definition to hands-on development of state-of-the-art machine learning and NLP systems.

Aarne Talman

Co-founder and CEO


Aarne has over 16 years of experience in AI, ranging from software development and academic research to strategy consulting. Prior to founding Basement AI, Aarne led the Analytics consulting practice in the Nordic region at Gartner. He has also worked as CTO and Global Machine Learning Practice Lead at Nordcloud. Aarne is a part-time doctoral researcher in Language Technology at University of Helsinki. He leads the consulting business of Basement AI.

Stergios Chatzikyriakidis

Co-founder and Head of Research


Stergios is a Full Professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Crete. He has written a textbook and close to 100 peer reviewed papers on natural language processing, computational linguistics and formal semantics. Prior to his current role at University of Crete, he was the Associate Director of Centre for Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability (CLASP) at University of Gothenburg. Stergios leads the research activities of Basement AI.


We conduct academic research on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Language Understanding

Our research focuses on computational models of natural language meaning through machine learning. Our sentence representation models have achieved state-of-the-art performance in various sentence encoding benchmark tasks.

Multilingual NLP

We conduct research on representation learning of natural language meaning in a multilingual setting utilizing deep learning. Multilingual models allow for improved transfer learning of insights between different languages.

Neural Machine Translation

We develop machine translation models and state-of-the-art neural machine translation systems. Our focus is especially on multilingual machine translation and machine translation of low resource languages like Finnish.


We offer consulting services related to Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.


We help your organization to understand and unlock the business value potential of AI and NLP by developing actionable AI and NLP strategies and roadmaps.

Use Cases

We help your organization to identify and prioritize AI and NLP use cases based on their business value potential and your organization's capabilities.


We help your organization to develop concrete AI and NLP solutions based on the identified use cases.


We support your organization in implementing and operating production-ready AI and NLP solutions.

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